6-month Modern Acting Class



Introduction to Konstantin Stanislavsky’s method and its influence on modern acting

Class 1: Introduction to Stanislavsky and Basic Concepts

Overview of Stanislavsky’s life and contribution to acting.

  • Explanation of key concepts: Given Circumstances, Objective, and Super-Objective.
  • Practical exercises: Students will engage in improvisation to explore the impact of given circumstances on character choices.

Class 2: Emotion Memory and Sense Memory

  • Understanding Emotion Memory: Techniques for accessing and utilizing personal emotions in acting.
  • Sense Memory Exploration: Utilizing sensory experiences to enhance the authenticity of performances.

Class 3: Subtext and Inner Monologue

  • Unpacking Subtext: The importance of underlying meanings in dialogue and actions.
  • Inner Monologue Development: Techniques for creating rich internal thoughts and emotions.

Class 4: The Magic If and Given Circumstances

  • The Magic If: Utilizing imagination to connect with a character’s circumstances.
  • Given Circumstances Revisited: Deepening the exploration of a character’s environment and background.

Class 5: Character Analysis and Transformation

  • Character Analysis Techniques: Breaking down a script to understand character motivations.
  • Transformation exercises: Students will work on transforming themselves physically and emotionally into different characters.

Class 6: Final Scene Performances and Reflection

  • Rehearsal and polishing of scenes prepared by each student or group.
  • Final scene performances: Each student/group will present their scene with a focus on applying Stanislavsky’s method.
  • Class reflection: Discussion on the challenges, breakthroughs, and personal growth experienced during the course.

Secure your spot in our 6-Month Beginner’s Acting Class and step into a world of creativity, expression, and endless possibilities. Unleash the actor within you and take your first bow towards a fulfilling and exhilarating acting journey.